Gruppo T.A.C Pty Ltd entered the distribution market within Australia and New Zealand, for men’s and woman’s fashions in 1998.

When business partners Nic Capozzi and Joe Altieri who had been in the industry since 1981 decided to expand their experience into distributing brands.

Each member of the Gruppo T.A.C team brings extensive fashion experience to the wholesaling division. Utilising their years of valuable knowledge and understanding of Australia’s and New Zealand’s market place, Gruppo T.A.C provides expertise in brand management and development.

Gruppo T.A.C strives to establish Australian and overseas brands as fashion icons.


Gruppo T.A.C. believes distributing brands successfully requires an understanding of the brand and marketing it to the correct consumer. In order to hold a brands core culture offshore a distribution agency must make strong alignments between their customer profiles and those of the parent companies, taking into account brand positioning and distribution strategies.

Working to hold on to each brands integrity, Gruppo T.A.C finds the best possible retail environment for the collection and ensures protection of the distinctive qualities of each range by determining distribution demographics to target either exclusivity – through fashion boutiques, or alternatively volume- through supplying large and reputable department stores. A strong emphasis is placed on product placement to ensure expansion, market exposure and longevity.

Gruppo T.A.C understands the depth of brand development – recognising that all aspects (campaigning, marketing, sourcing of clients, product placement, store concepts etc) should be reflective of each individual brand.

The emphasis on introducing premium fashion brands to Australia and New Zealand, establishing an aligned market for them, developing their brand and monitoring the consistency of this success is entrenched into Gruppo T.A.C’s values.