Let it FLOW
More than fashion: slow fashion!

These days we’re all in need of calm, harmony and more time. As a response to this, Raffaello Rossi‘s fashion trends for summer 2018 are creating islands of peace and tranquillity.
Whether the calming influence of ocean waves, the animal kingdom, a safari in Africa or the return to handcraftsmanship, a lot of thoughtful details are helping us to slow down and unwind in this fast-paced digital world.
There’s still no getting around athleisure styles which, in new interpretations, can be incorporated into any outfit.
The new collection is based on graphic designs that exude a minimalist vibe: clean and clear architectural lines, Vichy checks and stripes.
Frills and flounces are adding a romantic touch. With a confident casualness and ease, they can now even be found adorning trouser hems.
With the sun in our hearts, we can brighten up any rainy summer’s day by wearing this season’s brightly coloured fashions. Pink, rosé and red are new highlights, softened with light blue, turquoise and ink and mixed with fresh green, reminiscent of lush meadows, and sunny yellow.
The trouser shapes are varied, ranging from slimline to carrot to drainpipe. Zipper details, small pleats, cargo pockets and side stripes, as well as sportswear-inspired taping are among the most important details.
New harem pant styles, feminine cargo pants and details with flounces and frills are contributing to exciting new looks. And high-waisted trousers with a loose leg are also leading the way in the fashion stakes.
All eyes will be on trouser hems next summer: open, fringing details, asymmetry, ruffled, ribbed, embroidered – a variety of of imaginative, handmade looks will be attracting all attention down to the ankles.



Say it loud, say it proud! On T-shirts, bags, at demonstrations. The boundaries between political messages and fashion statements are becoming blurred. Your opinion matters! Speak your mind! Express yourself!
One thing’s for sure: individuality is at the focus, especially in terms of the outfits. Lots of on-trend influences are coming from the omnipresent streetwear look currently taking the fashion world by storm. Handcrafted looks and new artworks are adding a touch of innovation.
An example of this is notebook-style scribble designs. Clear statements, sketch-like embroidery, beading, wild fringing, exotic leaf appliqués and embroidered sequins are leading us into the future.
The big blue: Denim is playing a key role. From high-waisted slim silhouettes down to new high-waisted drainpipes with looser legs, from relaxed to ultra-cropped, the wide variety of styles means that everyone will find their ideal pair.
Inspired by individualistic street art, brightly coloured art prints are boosting our summer mood.
Bead detailing is popular. Rough and ready jeans are suddenly making an appearance as part of more glamorous outfits.
Embroidery on casually washed jeans exudes beach club vibes and a summer feeling along with paradise-like exotic visuals.
The colour palette includes summery red, light-hearted pink, sporty khaki, dusty rose, cool blue and gleaming white with injections of cheery yellow.